Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing 101

Let’s discuss the basic steps of skiptracing – the process of locating a delinquent customer or debtor who doesn’t wish to be found. These basic steps are for the collector or in-house skiptracer seeking to locate a skip by himself without the aid of an outside skiptracing or private investigation agency. Ultimately, these may be turned to if the debt owed is sufficient to justify the added expense.

Skip Tracing

This column concerns the art of skip tracing. I say art rather than science because skip tracing involves more subjective skills than Holmesian scientific investigation. Given enough time, money, and resources, I believe I could find just about anyone (Jimmy Hoffa excluded). But resources are the very things we have too little of now and that isn’t about to change in the near future.

Oregon Accounting Manual: Skip Tracing

Surprisingly good guidelines on skip tracing from the Oregon Accounting Manual.

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