Pre employment screenings are another one of those bread and butter type services a private investigator can offer. Employment screenings usually bill out around $40 per background check. It doesn’t take a lot of clients for this to become a very lucrative venture.

It is important to understand that you, as a private investigator doing pre employment screenings, will be looking at credit reports. Agencies that look at credit reports are known as CRA’s, or Credit Reporting Agencies. Because of this, there are several laws in place that you need to familiarize yourself with. All of these laws are contained in the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It is pretty easy to understand. Don’t contact people after 9:00pm. Don’t give people’s information to anyone other than those who requested it. Do not report criminal records or bankruptcies over 7 years old. Do not pull a credit report without the person’s signature. Follow these rules as an outline. Contact your state employment laws for variations on the before mentioned rules.

Pre screenings are easy to pursue. This is the one background check where you have the person’s social security number, date of birth, past addresses, and credit report. You basically know everything you need to know. All you are doing is verifying the information.

First, check the criminal and civil records in each county in which the subject has lived. You need to do this by writing a letter to the court clerk asking for this information. They will mail you back any cases where your subject was a party in the case. Do not use online databases for this. You need to contact the actual court clerk to verify this information.

Pull the credit report. Employers use credit reports to determine how stable a person is. The credit report will show you how much debt a person has: liens, judgments, bankruptcies, repossessions, and foreclosures will also appear on the credit report. All of these factors help to give the employer a good indication of what kind of person your subject is.

Contact the schools listed on the application. Verify that the information is accurate. Some applicants lie about their school in order to get the job. Ask the school to mail you records of diplomas or degrees your subject has. This might cost you $4 or $5 dollars, but it is needed in the investigation.

Barring specialized pre employment screening, that is really all the information you need. The credit header in the credit report will verify if the social security number is valid and belongs to your subject. As you can see, this is a pretty easy investigation to complete. You should try to get as many of these cases as possible.

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